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Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Camera for Halloween

Before my old, old camera bit the dust, my husband and I had looked at cameras and I showed him the Kodak EasyShare Max. After my old, old camera bit the dust, I borrowed a friends camera, which led to my husband sneaking out to buy me the camera I wanted. He told me he was going to drop some things off a Goodwill. I was thinking it was taking him a loooong time. The sweet man came back with the camera that I wanted.

This is a card I made using Creepy Halloween scraps.


Boo Card


  1. What was the camera you wanted- the Kodak Easy Share?? What did you like about it?

  2. Lisa, About 2 years ago (maybe 3) I took a photography class and one of the other students had a Kodak Easy Share.I really admired his camera. So when my old digital camera bit the dust, I wanted the the biggest, baddest Kodak. I don't remember the exact name, maybe, Kodak Easy Share Z. My husband bought me the Kodak Easy Share Max. Compared to what I had (a 10 year old digital camera) this camera is amazing. Picture quality on auto is great, but I have many options for light and speed (love those options),the 30X zoom is out of this world! One of the main reasons I wanted this camera or its big brother, is not only does it have an LCD screen for taking photos and viewing them but there is also a view find like on old cameras. I love this for taking photos outside when it is sunny. Being able to share photos through Easy Share is also a great feature. I would recommend this camera to anyone who is the family photographer or is really into taking photos and wants more than just the average features on a camera.


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