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Monday, April 18, 2011

What's Your Phone Number?

This was a fun card to make. I love humorous cards. Since I never use the phone book any more, I thought I would find some ways to use parts of it. As I was making these, I happened to notice some familiar names and then it struck me that I could really personalize some of these cards. I found a co-workers name, made her an Un-Birthday card (didn't know when her birthday was). I used the page with her phone number on the inside of the card and circled it in red. Maybe all my friends will be getting something similar.

Here is another card I made for my oldest son. He often loses his phone (he is over 30 years old). I had sent a text message to both my son that read 'Since neither of my children can take the time to call their mother, I am changing my will and leaving everything the the neighbor girl.' My youngest called me within two minutes. I didn't hear from my oldest for another couple of weeks so I sent the card below. The whited out part of the arrow was our home phone number. He did call when he received the card.

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